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The Department of Industrial Engineering (IE) at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) was established in 1395 H (1975 G) thus becoming a pioneer in IE education and training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The program was extended to the female section within KAU main campus with effect from fall 2012. Since then IE graduates are working in various technical or managerial positions that include manufacturing industry, banks, hospitals, transportation companies, communications, service industry, energy sector, and defense industries.


Industrial Engineering (IE) is a branch of engineering which deals with design, development, implementation, and improvement of integrated systems that include people, materials, information, equipment, and energy. It is thus unique as compared to other branches of engineering in the sense that it deals not only with inanimate objects but also with the behavior of human beings in relation to these objects. For this purpose, it draws heavily on mathematical, physical, information and social sciences, and other engineering principles of system analysis and design.


The demand for industrial engineers in KSA is increasing due to multiple reasons:


The Kingdom is short of manpower and every effort is directed to hire engineers to design, install, and maintain integrated systems.


Since the pace of development is very fast, there is considerable scope for improvement in different aspects of working in almost every organization.


The IE program covers five very important areas of the industry:


Operations Research


Information Systems


Stochastic Processes


Human Factors Engineering


Engineering Management


The program offers a 5-year study program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree (B. Sc.) in Industrial Engineering. The program provides graduates with strong basic engineering knowledge, professional skills, effective proficiency, ability to work in teams, and appreciation of the ethical, social, and global issues required for engineers of the future.


In 2002, the program was evaluated for the first time by EAC of ABET based on the Engineering Conventional Criteria and was recognized to be “Substantially Equivalent” to ABET-accredited engineering programs. In 2008, the program underwent an EAC of ABET general review visit that resulted in the accreditation of the program.  In 2015, the program had the last EAC of ABET general review visit that resulted again in the accreditation of the program.


The Vision of the Department

Innovation and leadership in industrial engineering and its applications.


The Mission of the Department

To prepare industrial engineering graduates equipped with world-class professional competencies capable of conducting scientific research and rendering community services allowing for a sustainable development.



Prepare the student to be:

1.     be effective in applying contemporary tools of industrial engineering to meet the needs of upcoming challenging industrial world,

2.     function effectively in diverse teams to handle problems pertaining to different industrial and managerial settings by assuming leadership positions,

3.      apply effective e-media, computers and software in solving engineering problems.


Industrial Engineering Programs



Undergraduate program

The undergraduate degree program is designed to study a minimum of 155 credit hours in a number of areas, as follows:



Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from Industrial Engineering possess skills that make them technically competent and competitive in fast-changing industrial environments. Therefore, a significant percentage of the graduates join a variety of entities in the Kingdom both in the private and public sectors. On the other hand, a considerable number of graduates work as engineers or researchers or join the military. Also, many industrial engineers continue their education by obtaining masters and /or Ph.D. degrees.

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